Terms & conditions

These terms and conditions are related to the usage of the website and various other guidelines that must be specified to clarify the intentions of the website.


The content provided in the website is the sole property of the owners of the website. The content can’t be replicated, copied or distributed without any prior permission from the owners of the firm. We can pursue a legal case if we have found that the content of the website has been compromised in any manner. We want to make it clear that this content is our property and copying it can result in legal proceedings.

Safety of the website

We announce that any external incursion such as planting the malware, setting up a virus or performing any other activity that directly harms the website can result in legal proceedings. No one is allowed to perform any type of invasive activities while accessing our website. You are not allowed to leak any private information that is stored in the website and doing so can result in legal proceedings.

Service Agreement

Any customer who agrees to our services can’t back down from the commitment. You can’t opt of our plan once you have agree to all the details laid down by our specialist. You can’t claim a refund either if our services have been working properly.

Harm to the Device

We aren’t liable to any damages that is caused your device through our services. We can only refund the value of the software but we are not responsible for the damage caused to your machine. You agree that we are not responsible for any malfunction caused your device unless we are directly responsible for it. We are not responsible for the entry of vicious elements like malware in your system and such a element requires a trigger. The trigger can only function if there has been a presence of such threat already in your device.

Use of Personal Information

We can need particulars to you at any point of time. We can ask for your name, email address, mobile phone number, home address while carrying out our services procedure. We acquire such information for communication purposes and to ensure that there is no break in the connection between our company and the user. Hence this personal information is collected for the own benefit of the user. We don’t compromise such type of information and hence we have safeguarded such information in the most secure way possible. We can gather information and feedback to improve the performance of our website and our services as a whole. At no point of time do we claim that we are using this information for any other purpose.

Payment Scheme

We use the most secure methods of transactions and we ensure that your sensitive date isn’t leaked or seen by a third-party. You agree that you comply with the transaction rules as stated by the respective Government of the area. Read the Refund Policy to get information about the rules of the refund.

Usage of Tools

We use the safest diagnostic tools to identify the nature of your device and various other purposes. We have made sure that your sensitive information is never at risk because of our tools. However, we are not responsible for any third-party interference when we are using our tools.

Third-Party links

You can access third-party links through our website. However, we are not responsible for the content associated with the third-party. We bear no responsibility once you have been redirected to some other page through our website. We are not liable for any harm caused to your device in such case so open the third-party links at your own risk. We are not responsible for the content and the subject material of any third-party website.

Change in Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions can be altered by us at any point of time. We can make wholesale or little changes to our Terms and Conditions whenever we like. Hence you must keep a track of the terms and conditions by regularly visiting this website. We can also notify you the changes by contacting you through your Email Address or by any other means.