Refund Policy

We are setting up the Refund Policy here to clarify the user about all the pointers that are to be followed while request a refund. We will also clarify in what cases will we provide the Refund and what is the time window under which you can receive your refund.

Conditions For Refund

We will only provide the refund if-

  • The software we have provided has stopped functioning immediately after the setup.
  • The software we have setup in not launching.
  • The software we have setup is crashing and freezing at a regular rate.
  • The software we have provided isn’t doing its central functions.

We will not provide the refund if-

  • Your system has been working abnormally and there is no connection with our software in this case.
  • The software we have provided is erased.
  • The software we have distributed is not updated and hence crashed.
  • The software we have distributed is not working because of a system error.
  • A virus has entered your system and hence, it has compromised the immunity of the software.

Time Window

You are only eligible for the refund if you have reported the issue with a time frame of 4 days after you observed the error. You must contact us as soon as you identify the problem. You can only request a refund within the first 10 days since the software has been setup in your device. Once that window expires, you are not eligible for any refund. If you have fulfilled the eligibility of receiving the refund then you can file for it and we will deliver the specified amount within 8-10 business days.

To receive the refund, you must first specify the type of error to our IT specialist. If you are unsatisfied with the services of the software then you must mention provide a tangible reason to get the refund. We don’t provide refunds if there has been no error in our software so the complains related to the software must be detailed and explain the eligibility to sough the refund.

Subject to Change

Our refund policy is subjected to any change at any point of time. The Refund Policy stated here is not set in stone and we can make certain alterations to the policy at any juncture of time. You must regularly check our website to be in touch with the latest Refund Policy that we have adopted.